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Since 2009 we began selling quality real and fake documents.The documents we produce can be used anywhere in the world.We have taken time to build a team of experts and agents who can create high quality documents for any part of the world.With us , it is now possible to get your driving license within two to five days after your application has been receive.In case of passports be it real or fake , the time frame can extend up to seven days

Once your desired document (Driving License or Passport) is ready and your payment has been completed, the document will be delivered to your hoe by the courier service of your choice ( DHL, FedEx, UPS or EMS).Our express mail services deliver your documents faster than the normal mails will do. Also, there is the option to send mails as a diplomatic parcel. When your document is sent as a diplomatic parcel, the advantage is that it cannot be opened by customs or any mail agents while in transit. In such cases you are sure that no one will open your parcel on the way.